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Rockflow’s business strategy is centred on the provision of technical excellence and high quality client service. The measure of our success is client retention and staff retention.

We seek to recruit and retain very high calibre industry professionals with a proven track record. Our goal is to provide career satisfaction and reward by maximising the returns to every member of the team.

This is achieved by making sure everyone has a highly incentivised remuneration scheme. The business is governed by a transparent constitution and managed in an open and consensual way where everyone’s views are heard.

For those attracted by the challenges of our industry and the opportunities offered by Rockflow our current positions can be viewed here or by contacting info@rockflow.com

We are looking for technical and commercial experts

Due to the growth of our Expert Services practice, we are seeking technical and commercial Experts to perform Expert Witness, Expert Determination and other dispute resolution roles. With a geoscience, petroleum engineering, commercial or management background, you will be a highly qualified technical expert at the top of your game, and highly regarded amongst your peer group.

You are capable of focussed detailed analysis, and precision documentation. You will have extensive international industry experience, and most likely are already working in a consultant role. Dispute Resolution and Expert Witness work requires not only technical excellence in your discipline, but also the ability to clearly identify, understand and form an opinion on the key points on which a case turns, and have the ability to succinctly explain such issues to lawyers, write expert reports; and ultimately present your findings to the judges in arbitration or litigation hearings.

Our preference would be for candidates already with Expert Service experience, but we will also consider high calibre candidates who aspire to such roles. Expert work is amongst the most challenging and demanding professional work we do, and consequently is well remunerated.