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Rockflow believe the key to successful projects is having a fully integrated team with a proven track record.

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Managing Director

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Andy Spriggs

Managing Director

Andy is Rockflow's Managing Director and acts as a project manager of multi-disciplinary teams performing a wide range of E&P technical, commercial and strategic projects providing advice to oil companies, investors and government agencies. Andy has a broad technical experience in asset evaluation and management and in petroleum economics. Andy has 27 years industry experience as a geologist with Shell and Arco, followed by various consulting roles in economics and business consulting. Recent assignments have included managing operated and non-operated asset portfolios for start-up companies; performing due diligence for asset and company valuations, specialist advisory services for contract negotiations, and Expert witness in commercial disputes. Andy is a member of the PESGB, SPE and AIPN and holds a PhD in geology from Leeds University, an MBA from Henley Business School and a BA in geology from Oxford

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Technical Director

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Tom Gunningham

Technical Director

Tom is a Chartered Petroleum Engineer and is Rockflow's Technical Director. Tom's key areas of expertise include reservoir evaluation and simulation, uncertainty quantification and evaluation, production engineering, wellsite operations, logging and testing, and reserves estimation. At Rockflow, Tom is responsible for internal sign off on reserves audits and is highly experienced in certification under a number of different international standards. Tom has twenty-six years international petroleum engineering experience gained with BP and as a consultant. He has worked on oil, gas, tight gas, gas-condensate and heavy oil and fractured reservoir fields at all stages of the field lifecycle from Field Development Planning to Operator Asset Management including management of large National and Expat technical teams. Tom has experience in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and FSU countries. Tom holds B.A. (Hons), and MA (Oxon) Engineering Science from Oxford University. Tom is a member of the SPE and the Energy Institute. Tom is a native English speaker and speaks conversational German.

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Roddy Irwin


Roddy is Rockflow's Principal Petrophysicist with over 26 years' international industry experience, including over 10 years with Shell International E&P and more recently, 6 years as Senior Advisor with Gaffney, Cline & Associates. Roddy has extensive experience in operations, integrated petrophysical studies, reservoir modelling and also field development planning. He has performed the role as external petrophysical advisor and peer reviewer for several independent energy companies over the last few years.

He has extensive experience in the estimation of Petroleum Reserves and Resources through his project management of many Reserves estimation and audit studies. Roddy has considerable experience in Unitisation and Equity Redetermination having been deeply involved in the preparation of submittal cases for several clients as well as experience in the Expert role. He is an experienced Expert Witness in commercial litigation.

Roddy holds a BSc (Hons) in Petroleum Geology from the University of Aberdeen and is an active member of the EAGE and the London Petrophysical Society.

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Graham Cocksworth


Graham Cocksworth is Rockflow's Lead Geologist. Graham has particular expertise in reservoir evaluation and uncertainty analysis and has been responsible for a large number of asset evaluations and technical due diligence investigations of petroleum assets for potential sale or acquisition. Graham has twenty two years of global industry experience gained with Shell, EOG Resources and Gaffney Cline and Associates. He has a broad-based technical and commercial background with experience at all stages of field-life, from exploration to brownfield re-developments, including direct involvement in drilling operations. He has worked with oil and gas in clastic and carbonate reservoirs located onshore, offshore and in deep water basins around the world. Graham holds a PhD in Earth Sciences and MA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

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Petroleum Engineer

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Gavin Hancock

Petroleum Engineer

Gavin is Rockflow's project manager for Field Development Planning and asset operations. Gavin has expertise in concept screening - assessment - selection activities in combination with strong asset management and operations management skills. Gavin is experienced in all aspects of field development planning, reserves evaluation, reservoir monitoring, production optimisation, drilling, completion, testing and workover operations. Gavin has twenty eight years engineering experience; six years as a mechanical/plant engineer followed by twenty one years of international Petroleum Engineering experience with a major service company, major and minor operators and consultancy, in both a technical and senior management capacity. Gavin has managed large technical and operations groups and has onshore and offshore experience in the Middle East, USA, Europe, Russia & FSU, Africa and the UK.

Gavin Holds an HND in Mechanical Engineering, A BEng in Mineral Resource Engineering and an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College London.

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Terry Pimble


Terry is Rockflow's Geoscience Director and is responsible for management of exploration projects and reservoir evaluation studies. Terry is a seasoned seismic interpreter and his expertise includes prospect evaluation, oil and gas reserves audits and Competent Person's Reports for stock market listings. Terry has over forty years of international experience as a geoscientist gained with BHP Billiton and as a consultant working in new ventures, exploration, and field development projects throughout the world. His responsibilities have included basin analysis, seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation, geological evaluation, well evaluation/well planning, and integration of geoscience disciplines. Terry has a BSc in Geology, an MSc in Geophysics and is a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

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Reservoir Engineer

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Simon Moy

Reservoir Engineer

Simon is a chartered reservoir engineer with a wide-ranging background in classical oil and gas reservoir engineering including: production forecasting, reservoir simulation, material balance, well analysis and production logging. He has a thorough understanding of the dynamics governing reservoir performance and has worked on both operated and non-operated assets, liaising closely with operational teams, senior management and directors and a number of international reserves auditors. He has also acted as expert witness. Simon has twenty three years industry experience gained with BG, Centrica and independent Operators Burren and Bayfield. Simon was involved with the IPOs of both Burren and Bayfield Energy giving him a broad commercial understanding. He became Rockflow's business development director in January 2015

Simon holds an MSc from Imperial College London, and BSc and PhD from The University of Kent. Simon is a member of the SPE and the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

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Richard Morgan


Richard is a Geologist and E&P Business Advisor with Rockflow. Richard has over thirty one years of experience in hydrocarbon exploration and development most recently as CEO of Oyster Petroleum. Prior to running his own business Richard was Exploration Manager for Valiant Petroleum where he built a North Sea exploration portfolio attracting Shell, EDF, Maersk, and RWE as JV partners. Richard started his career with Robertson working many basins around the world and building a fractured reservoir description service. Subsequently as Chief Geologist for World Geoscience Richard developed techniques for the combined interpretation of potential field and seismic data. As Exploration Manager for Veritas Exploration Richard lead the team that found the Ockley and Oakwood discoveries in the central North Sea.

Richard holds a BSc in Geology from Liverpool University, a PhD in structural geology from Leeds University and is a Fellow of the Geological Society and a member of the Institute of Directors (MIoD).

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Graham Cooke


Graham is Rockflow's Principal Geophysicist. Graham has eighteen years international industry experience, across Exploration and Production gained with Shell.

Graham is a Seismic Interpreter with experience at all stages of field life including Regional Basin Scale interpretations and Play based evaluations. He has a proven track record with multiple discoveries from Exploration wildcats to Near Field Exploration and has matured a number of discoveries through to development handover. He has held positions as Production Geophysicist planning seismic surveys and development wells and has utilised multiple techniques including 4D seismic.

Graham has a BSc Geology from the University of London and an MSc Petroleum Geoscience from Imperial College, University of London.

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Jonathan Pye


Jonathan is Rockflow's Principal Quantitative Geophysicist. Jonathan has over 15 years of international industry experience working within and for operating companies from survey design, exploration and development drilling to late-life re-development planning and cessation of production.

Jonathan has extensive experience in seismic processing & imaging, pre-stack interpretation, rock physics and reservoir characterisation projects. He has also been requested to lecture in operating companies training programmes.

Jonathan holds a BSc (Hons) in Geology from Imperial College and a PhD in Marine Geophysics from the University of Cambridge. He is a member of the PESGB and EAGE.

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Reservoir Engineer

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Amit Madahar

Reservoir Engineer

Amit is a reservoir engineer with 14 years of diverse international experience in highly active oil and gas operations with a wide range of IOCs and Independents. Amit's expertise includes developing and implementing multi-disciplinary engineering workflows, field development and reservoir management planning, production optimisation and de-bottlenecking.

Amit has experience in managing multi-disciplinary teams, has expertise in dataroom, prospect evaluation and developing drilled resource opportunities. Amit's expertise includes pressure transient analysis, PVT modelling, nodal and network analysis, reservoir modelling and simulation, uncertainty analysis, economic analysis and project de-risking.

Amit has implemented and managed live hydrocarbon management systems, production allocation systems and operations management systems for IOCs, NOCs and Independents. He is a skilled user of several programming languages.

Amit holds a Masters in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College London and a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Punjab technical University, India. Amit is a member of SPE.

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Petrophysical Advisor

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Kate Hatfield

Petrophysical Advisor

Kate acts as petrophysical advisor to Rockflow. Kate brings specialist petrophysical skills and a wide international experience ranging from the North Sea and Europe to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Her operating experience includes offshore work supervising and planning coring and logging programmes; real time operation log evaluation and in depth petrophysical studies of clastic and carbonate reservoirs. Prior to consulting Kate's eighteen years' experience included roles with Amerada Hess, Nexen and BG. Kate has worked in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Antarctica and FSU countries and has experience in numerous clastic, carbonate and fractured reservoirs.

Kate holds a BSc (Hons) Geophysics and a PhD in Petrophysics. Leicester University 1995.

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Exploration Advisor


Michael Tate

Exploration Advisor

Michael acts as geophysicist for Rockflow on a number of major evaluation projects. Michael brings geological expertise in stratigraphy, sedimentology, structural geology, basin dynamics and tectonics. Michael has extensive international experience with rift basins and passive margins, low stand fan systems, fold belts and deltas - modelling and evaluating their structural and stratigraphic development. Michael has particular expertise as a specialist in the exploration of Africa the UK/Ireland Atlantic margin. During his twenty-six year career, Michael was a senior geophysicist for Total and Conoco prior to consultancy. Michael holds a BSc in Geology, an MSc in Petroleum Geology and a PhD in Geology.

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Well Engineering Advisor

Alex chichinadze

Alex Chichinadze

Well Engineering Advisor

Alex is Rockflow's lead drilling advisor and Drilling Manager. Alex directly assists Rockflow clients in the design, planning and execution of multi-well drilling campaigns. During his career Alex has managed numerous multi-rig drilling campaigns of vertical, deviated and horizontal wells in clastic and fractured reservoirs. Alex is also highly experienced in workover operations, well testing and CT operation (including CT drilling). Alex has worked as a driller, drilling engineer, Operations/Drilling Manager, Technical Director and General Director in both state and western operating companies. Alex has specialist skills and knowledge in the planning and execution of deep, complex HP/HT wells in thrust belt environments, through the drilling and testing phases. Alex has over forty years of experience, primarily gained in FSU countries. Alex has a BEng in Petroleum Engineering and a PhD in Mining and Geotechnical Engineering. Alex is a native Georgian speaker, he also speaks fluent Russian and English and conversational French and Spanish.

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Executive Advisor

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Mike Naylor

Executive Advisor

Mike acts as an advisor to Rockflow's Management and Strategy Practice. He provides expertise in the areas of business strategy, portfolio management and the development of organisational processes and technical and leadership capability. Prior to working in consultancy, during his thirty-four year career, Mike worked in various worldwide roles for Shell including research scientist, exploration geophysicist and exploration manager for a number of large operating companies before becoming Shells VP for global exploration.

Mike holds MA in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Geology from Cambridge and is a fellow of the Geological Society of London. He is also a member of the Institute of Directors (MIoD)

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Operations Advisor

Peter clutterbuck clr crop4

Peter Clutterbuck

Operations Advisor

Peter acts as an advisor to Rockflow on upstream oil and gas operations, with a focus on engineering, operations management, and commercial aspects. This includes defining achievable strategy, asset management, solutions to partner and Government issues, delivering commercial success in a low oil price environment, oil and gas market development, and development planning. Peter's experience includes interim management, well operations, unconventionals (shale and heavy oil), onshore and offshore operations, reservoir management, and training.

Peter had a 15 year career in engineering and operations management with BP; and subsequently managed a number of listed oil companies operating in Europe and Africa. Peter has an MA in Engineering from Cambridge, and has served on the Board of the SPE in London.

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Geophysical Advisor

K overy 01

Kate Overy

Geophysical Advisor

Kate specialises in seismic interpretation, depth conversion and volumetrics, and has recently joined Rockflow as an associate, following nine years in an oil and gas consultancy.

Kate is confident working in both IHS Kingdom and Petrel, assimilating geological and geophysical data to build an accurate interpretation of the subsurface. She has experience across a number of the world's major hydrocarbon basins, including wide experience along the West African margin, North Falklands Basin and the UK North Sea. Previous projects have ranged from exploratory interpretation in areas of structural complexity, to appraisal studies of producing fields.

Kate has a MA in Natural Sciences (Geology) from the University of Cambridge.

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Petroleum Economist

Colinhoward col low

Colin Howard

Petroleum Economist

Colin is a petroleum economist with 18 years' experience specialising in the analysis and modelling of the upstream oil industry; with core strengths in fiscal model construction, probabilistic portfolio modelling, decision risk analysis, design and implementation of corporate planning, cash flow and financial reporting systems. He is a skilled instructor in petroleum economics having facilitated a number of in-house and public professional development courses.

Colin holds a BSc in Geology from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College; an MS in Structural Geology from the University of Pennsylvania; and an MSc in Mineral Project Appraisal, Royal Schools of Mines, Imperial College. He is a member of the Society of the Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

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