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Petroleum Engineering At Rockflow

Rockflow petroleum engineers can work as part of an integrated team with other subsurface specialists or work closely with the client to identify practical solutions to operational and performance issues.

Rockflow’s extensive in-house petroleum engineering experience allows us to identify production optimisation opportunities such a de-bottlenecking, artificial lift, re-perforation, new pay opportunities and stimulation requirements.

Well Performance

Well performance is a key element when considering a field development and is the dynamic link between the reservoir and surface environments. Understanding well performance, through well test design and analysis, allows us to identify damaged wells and design an appropriate activity programme. We can identify the stimulation requirements for clastic and carbonate reservoirs and evaluate the potential benefits of different stimulation options.

Operational Support

We provide support for day to day field management and surveillance activities. We can also provide engineering design for offshore or onshore oil and gas wells and can prepare basis of design, drilling and execution programmes for any completion type.

In House Software

Rockflow uses Petroleum Expert’s ‘Prosper’ software allowing our petroleum engineers and consultants to model well bore pressures and flow rates.

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