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Well Log Petrophysical Interpretation

Single or multiple well evaluations of open hole and cased hole logs are frequently performed by Rockflow petrophysicists to support due diligence, exploration, appraisal and development decisions.

Existing wells can be re evaluated using advanced methods to identify potential intervals of by passed pay due to low resistivity or thin beds effects.

Rock Physics

Specialized interpretations are performed jointly by the petrophysicist and geophysicist to derive seismic rock and fluid properties as input to AVO modelling, synthetic seismograms and inversion studies.

Integrated Reservoir Evaluation

Full field integrated reservoir studies are undertaken to provide a consistent set of petrophysical parameters for the population of static and dynamic reservoir models.

Well log, core analysis , formation pressure and test data are integrated in an iterative evaluation to provide an optimized interpretation of reservoir properties and ranges.

Operations Petrophysics Support

24/7 real-time formation evaluation and petrophysical support for well operations. Rapid turn around of log analysis results to support drilling and testing decisions.

Planning of cost effective logging, core analysis and testing programmes.


Saturation-Height Functions derived from capillary pressure data are used to assess uncertainty in water saturations derived from log analysis.

Saturation-Height functions are routinely used to populate water saturation properties in geocellular static and dynamic models.

In House Software

Rockflow’s in house petrophysical software is Interactive Petrophysics (IP). Rockflow’s petrophysicists and consultants are experienced users of all industry standard petrophysical packages.

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