Enabling us to undertake a range of projects and find solutions to clients‘ complex problems; drawing apon a wide range of skills from within our team

Structural Validation

We assimilate key geological and seismic data to define the structural extent of a hydrocarbon discovery.

Well Proposals

Rockflow can prepare a well proposal document detailing the location, target objectives, geological prognosis, expected formation pressures, well plan and target tolerances along with an outline well design, anticipated costs and expected risked value of a well.

Well and Completion Design

Rockflow is able to undertake both conceptual and detailed well engineering design and well completion design. With our partners, we can compile detailed drilling and completion running procedures for wellsite execution.

Well Test design

Rockflow can design well tests for any reservoir and fluid type and integrate the well test strategy into the well and completion design and execution programme.

Appraisal Strategies

Once a discovery is made, determining a clear and planned appraisal programme is essential. Rockflow considers and analyses all the relevant data in order to determine the most efficient appraisal approach.

Reservoir Characterisation

Understanding the geology is one of Rockflow’s key strengths. Our ability to quickly analyse complex subsurface information allows us to accurately characterise a reservoir and predict how it is likely to perform.

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