Enabling us to undertake a range of projects and find solutions to clients‘ complex problems; drawing apon a wide range of skills from within our team

Basin Studies

Rockflow integrates structural, sedimentological, geochemical and geological information to build a clear understanding of a particular basin.

Exploration Strategy

Rockflow has the skills and experience to identify a portfolio of assets that offer the best opportunity for profitability and growth; we are able to develop clear exploration strategies across our clients’ asset portfolios.

Licence Assessments

Rockflow staff are able to evaluate licence potential and propose appropriate work commitments, work programmes and budgets.

Target Selection

Rockflow can identify prospects that offer the best chance of achieving technical and commercial success.

Exploration Risk

Rockflow is highly skilled in the exploration process and we are able to identify and rank key risks, develop mitigation strategies and communicate these effectively to our clients.

Prospect Identification

One of our key strengths is our ability to interpret and assimilate geological information allowing the identification and mapping of prospects within an exploration area.

Play Fairway Analysis

Rockflow performs a high level, regional analysis in order to determine the exploration potential of an area and identify prospective acreage and intervals.