Enabling us to undertake a range of projects and find solutions to clients‘ complex problems; drawing apon a wide range of skills from within our team

Reservoir Monitoring Strategies

Rockflow can define reservoir monitoring strategies to enable the client to gather the requisite data to support the assessment of reservoir / field performance.

Production Forecasts

Central to the determination of Reserves and Resources is the establishment of reliable forecasts. Rockflow has the skills and experience to employ a number of techniques, from decline analysis, to full field simulation, to give our clients a clear understanding of the likely future performance of their assets.

Well Workovers and Interventions

Rockflow can prepare well intervention and workover proposals and associated execution programmes. These can range from slick-line surveys or through-tubing wireline services to full workovers such as tubing replacement, recompletions or installation of artificial lift. Rockflow will prepare full technical justifications and economic evaluations in support of such proposed activities.

Well Stimulation

Well production can be affected by poor reservoir quality or reservoir damage. Rockflow can assess well performance and determine if stimulation methods are a viable method of improving or restoring reservoir productivity. We can interface with service companies and oversee detailed job design where stimulation is justified.

In-Fill drilling

In order to maximise hydrocarbon recovery, additional wells may need to be drilled within the existing field. We are able to integrate production and geological information to determine the best location for in-fill wells. We will assess if new wells should be drilled or if existing wells could be side-tracked.


Production Optimisation

Rockflow can build well nodal models through to fully integrated production system models to evaluate performance from reservoir to field export point. We can identify how field performance can be optimised to improve production and ultimate recovery.

Operations / Asset Management

Rockflow can act in Operations Management or Asset Management roles on behalf of the client. These can range from management of individual projects in the execution phase to full management of an asset on behalf of a client. We can manage field operations, production, maintenance programs, budgets, hydrocarbon accounting, finance department interfaces, business cycle planning and much more.

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