Enabling us to undertake a range of projects and find solutions to clients‘ complex problems; drawing apon a wide range of skills from within our team

Economic Valuation

Rockflow provides Petroleum Economic modelling of E&P assets and companies, incorporating commercial and fiscal terms to provide valuation for all types of business purposes from investment decisions to commercial negotiations.

Commercial Advice

Rockflow provides commercial advice and support for business strategy and planning, asset and company valuation, contract negotiations, dispute resolution and M&A activity.

Reserve and Resource Reporting and Auditing

Rockflow specialises in the provision of Independent Reserves and Resources Assessments and Audits. We have extensive experience in the classification of petroleum Reserves and Resources to PRMS, SEC, COGEH and other recognised standards.

Competent Persons Reports (CPR)

CPRs provide an independent technical and economic evaluation of the oil and gas assets of a company; stating Reserves and Resources volumes and their associated valuation. Rockflow routinely prepares CPRs according to the relevant stock market requirements (e.g. LSE, AIM, and TSX etc).

Asset Acquisitions and Due Diligence

Asset acquisition projects require experienced multi-disciplinary teams to visit data rooms. Rockflow supports our clients’ efforts by providing technical teams to work alongside the legal, commercial and tax advisors to perform rigorous due diligence to identify key risks and uncertainties to enable correct valuation to be determined.

Peer Reviews

A peer review process provides critical insights to identify and mitigate uncertainties and risks, providing technical assurance and optimisation for the selected development projects. Rockflow can provide experienced multi-disciplinary teams of technical experts to achieve the clients review objectives.

Experts Services and Dispute Resolution

Rockflow provides a range of Expert Services, including acting as the Independent Expert or preparing submissions for Expert Determination. We also act as Expert Witnesses in arbitration and litigation cases in the fields of technical and commercial assessment of oil and gas assets.

Unitisation and Redeterminations

Rockflow partners have extensive experience in the determination of unit initial tract participation in accumulations which straddle existing licence boundaries and the determination/redetermination of equity. Rockflow prepares the submittal cases and rebuttals on behalf of unit participating parties. Rockflow partners also have experience in performing the Expert role in redetermination events.

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