Asset Planning & Budgeting

Activity planning, Zero based budgeting & Cost reduction strategies

Zero Based Budgeting

We have deep experience in zero based activity planning and budgeting learned through implementation in large organisations. The approach can be very helpful to size an organisation in line with a carefully prioritised activity set. Such an approach can be particularly effective when cost pressures are felt but is in any case good discipline.

Cost Reduction Strategies

The Rockflow team has had experience of successfully managing through several commodity price cycles, most recently adjusting to the oil price collapse at the end of 2014, within major companies. We can help you formulate interventions and reposition your cost base.

  • Zero based budgeting (activity prioritisation and staffing)
  • Contract opportunity review (e.g. supply chain)
  • Project phasing (capital projects)
  • Operational cost reviews (production cost reduction)
  • Organisational construction (organisational models)
  • Mandatory Work Programme Adjustments

Activity Planning

Following on from the annual business plan and performance management process the Rockflow team offers support in setting and managing asset budgets and integrated activity plans.

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