Business strategy and organisational capability

Strategic business advice to oil company executives and leadership teams

Portfolio Management

Provide corporate guidance and advice on developing and managing a company's asset portfolio based on their business strategy and resource capabilities.

Exploration Strategy

Provide exploration strategy reviews focusing on company exploration performance, programme management and portfolio reviews.

Strategic business advice

Rockflow's Strategy and Executive Management Practices offer strategic business advice to oil company executives and leadership teams. Our experienced executive advisors, supported by Rockflow's technical capability bridge the gap between specialist technical service providers and strategic management consulting firms.

Strategic Decision Analysis

Utilising industry standard structured decision making processes and decision analysis, we provide and facilitate strategic decision analysis for clients based on our deep technical understanding of the upstream business. Strategic decision analysis provides a framework for creating, evaluating and selecting options for company or asset development.

Leadership Capability and Company Culture

Working with senior leaders, possibly on a one-to-one basis, our consultants will help senior management develop programmes to promote the culture and values of the organisation. We can offer strategic business support to suit our client's needs on specific assignments related to strategy, portfolio, capability or individual business projects.

Organisational Performance and Capability Development

Provide strategic reviews of organisational capability, business processes and performance. Advice on the required people, processes and organisational capability and structure to deliver on the client's chosen business strategy.

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