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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

The sub-surface disposal of CO₂ forms an important part of most national energy strategies. A confluence of ideal geology, skills and experience in the North Sea province, together with reusable infrastructure, government support and major incipient CO₂ markets on its doorstep means the North Sea is ideally placed to be an early mover in Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS).

Rockflow's commercial knowledge and technical skills together with deep North Sea experience means that it is ready to play its part in carbon storage locally, but also to transfer learnings globally.


A broad, functioning hydrogen economy is increasingly seen as an important part of the energy transition. For example, the most scalable and widespread hydrogen generation method, methane reformation, generates CO₂ as a by-product which needs to be managed to allow this clean energy source to become viable.

Rockflow's commercial, reservoir engineering and geoscience expertise gathers key disciplines under one roof to allow us to advise, analyse and evaluate a new generation of projects in this exciting growth industry.


CO₂ flooding schemes improve oil recovery and help to Maximise Economic Recovery, whilst also contributing to the Net Zero Carbon goal.

Rockflow's experience in tracking the movement of fluids in the sub-surface using 4D (time lapse) seismic and advanced reservoir modelling techniques is directly applicable to this process.

Energy Transition

The Energy Transition is rapidly gathering pace in Europe which is positioned to take a lead through carbon solutions. The relative proximity of energy intensive industries, availability of offshore skills & supply chains, and ideal geological circumstance will be key factors for countries bordering the North Sea in reaching a Net Zero Carbon position.

A combination of in-depth commercial, reservoir engineering and geoscience knowledge with many decades of North Sea experience means that Rockflow is positioned to significantly contribute to this growth area.

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