Reserves audits and reporting

Including CPRs, expert witness and other independent engineering reports

Independent Engineer Reporting

Provide expert opinion on third party reserves reports and operator development plans for banks and lending institutions. Act as expert witness in legal disputes.

Competent Persons Report (CPR)

Provide independent due diligence evaluations including site inspections, reserves & resources audits and associated valuations for internal company management use and stock market listings. Prepare documentation to required stock-exchange guidelines.

Reserves Audits

Conduct Independent Audits of assets/portfolios to SPE-PRMS/NPD/COGEH/SEC standards.

Reserve Audit Preparation

Collate the necessary data and utilising operator development plans, create production forecasts and ultimate recovery forecasts for submission for third party reserve auditors. Manage the interface between operator and auditor to ensure a client's interests are protected.

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