Specialist technical evaluations

A wide range of services including flow assurance, EOR, process and pipeline simulation


Evaluation of miscible, thermal, chemical and other tertiary recovery techniques.

Reservoir Simulation Studies

Black oil and compositional dynamic simulation studies for all reservoir and fluid types under various development schemes.

Flow Assurance

Evaluation of production systems from the reservoir to the plant inlet to ensure deliverability with depletion and changing operating conditions (hydraulic & thermal analysis, operability, hydrate/ asphaltene/ wax/ scale/ naphthenates potential, phase behaviours, mechanical integrity).

Process and Pipeline Simulation Studies

Evaluate the process requirements of natural gas and light hydrocarbons, production and stabilization of crude oil and simulation of pipelines and processes.

Production Optimisation

Integrated production system modelling and well bore evaluations to identify production optimisation opportunities such as; de-bottlenecking, artificial lift installation, re-perforation, add-pay opportunities and stimulation requirements.

Petrophysical Studies

Evaluation of rock properties, relative permeability and capillary pressures. Definition of SCAL programmes.

Well Test Design and Interpretation

Programme design and well test pressure transient analysis.

Geoscience studies

Basin to field scale structural and stratigraphic studies, integrating geological evaluation with geophysical attribute analysis for stratigraphic and fluid prediction. Building a portfolio of prospects (Exploration, NFE) and drilling targets (In-field) through detailed seismic mapping, attribute analysis, and geological evaluation.

Reservoir Characterisation & Static Modelling

Incorporation of seismic, log, core and fluid data to allow facies description and 3D modelling of fractured and non-fractured reservoirs.

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