Asset, Portfolio And Company Valuations

Rockflow specialises in rigorous independent assessment of HIIP, resources, reserves, economic value, technical and commercial uncertainty & risk. Our clients are operators and start-ups making decisions to farm-in, to increase equity, to purchase assets, portfolios or companies, and lending institutions deciding whether or not to fund projects. Our projects have ranged from high level screening to in-depth economic valuation.

Peer Reviews

Rockflow’s experienced team provide review and expert opinion on in-house prospect evaluations, static and simulation model builds, production forecasts, exploration and development drilling targets and plans. We can bring a whole team to bear on projects to provide a rapid valuation or to bring a fresh set of eyes to unlock a problem.

Quality Control & Defence

Rockflow’s independent assessments provide confidence to operators wishing to understand risk and the value of their assets prior to investment, divestment or to help make major technical decisions, and to non-operators wishing to have their own view on operator proposals. Independent portfolio review and valuations of exploration and producing assets can be made to defend against takeover or to optimise asset management.

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